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2016-07-19 10 tips on how to pretend to understand coffee
Easy, easy, we did not get scared. In fact, you do not understand Kafi. But it is too stupid to jam over a drink that helps you through the day to keep your eyes open. Just when you follow a few ...

2016-07-04 Coffee Bazzara celebrating jubileum
In Trieste, the smell of coffee in the air for a number of years. Although the coffee arrived in Europe for the first time in 1615 in Venice, it was the Trieste, which became a real center of c...

2016-04-12 Tastes coffees and their mixtures
At first glance it might seem that the offer of coffee in our stores is varied, but it is only apparent. It appears very few signs and quality rather than compete with each other price. The speci...

2016-04-11 Simple Cupping
Penetrate the mysteries of specialty coffee can be for many people a considerable challenge. For any beginner is not easy to identify different tastes and aromas that roasters in the description ...


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